Frequently Asked Questions

What programmes do you run?

We currently run programmes and productions in Perth and Sydney for youngsters aged 8-16. Take a look at our BOOK NOW page to see what is currently running. Make sure you are subscribed to our website to get all the up to date info.

Where does it run?

In Perth we have programmes and productions running in Claremont and in 2018 Joondaloop

In Sydney, in Darlinghurst and Bondi

How many days a week do the children attend and what times

Depending on the rehearsal schedules, they run 9-10 weeks in term time and are usually once or twice a week and a few more running up to showtime, we try to do weekends as children are busy after school. The Productions are usually school holidays.

*Theatre camp run for 4 days in school holidays

When and where is the performance?

Performances at the moment tend to be Claremont for Perth, with Joondaloop in 2018

Performances for Sydney will be darlinghurst or Bondi

Theatre camp performances are in Claremont for Perth

Do I need a ticket for the performance?

Yes, the tickets are $10 each and can be purchased through-out the week

What kind of supervision will be available for my child – are they in safe hands?

All our staff have working with children checks and are hand chosen professionals. Your child will be checked into our rehearsals and programmes  and checked out..


Can I stay with my child on the first day of theatre camp?

On day one, mums and dads and grandparents are made to feel welcome and can stay until they feel their child has settled.Alternatively, please feel free to drop and go, if you’re off to work.

What else is included in the programme?

All our productions have a meaning and teach a life-skill. As part of the rehearsals, youngsters will learn about that life-skill and brainstorm together ways to overcome hurdles and problems that life can throw at them? The will have fun playing theatre games and will work with a choreographer.

Included in the theatre camps are games, rehearsals,choreography for songs and dances, acting techniques,costume support, the performance and guaranteed fun !


Will I need to supply a costume?

All our productions for Yelo productions costumes are provided.

For theatre camps you may need to supply bits and pieces, for example if they are a mouse, they may need to wear a grey t-shirt and grey trousers and we will provide or the children will make the headpieces.

Will the children get some fun time?

Yes, absolutely! We will have be having loads of fun,we play theatre games and if your in a Yelo production we always finish with a cast party!

At theatre camp we will play games and do some quieter learning time, art and craft between rehearsals.We also run on the big screen a children’s movie at lunch time.

What age does my child have to be?

Yelo productions are audition only and they have to be 8 -17 years old

Theatre camp age is 5-14.

What if my child is too old but loves theatre?

We encourage 17  year olds that love theatre to contact us to register their name to volunteer. They may be subject to a working with children clearance check.

Why do we have to pay to be in the show?

All our cast places for all programmes require payment, as we are professional production company and not a charity or not-for-profit. We receive no government funding.

How do I register my child?

Go to BOOK NOW, choose the programmes that suits your family.

How do I pay?

You can pay directly through the shopping cart on the website- go to BOOK NOW and  just choose the theatre week which suits you. Payments can be made via PayPal or by direct transfer from your bank.

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