January school holiday – THEATRE CAMP – 5-6 year old’s

    • Great fun for little ones!
    • Date: Tuesday 16-19th January2018
    • Venue: Methodist Ladies College, 356 Stirling hwy, Claremont
    • Daily 8.30am – 12.00pm  (performance Friday 7pm)

Product Description

This is a ‘4’  half day  theatre camp that ends with a fun presentation for parents & grandparents.

January is our ‘Pirates of the Swan River’…  Our theme is finding the real treasure!

   School Holiday  THEATRE CAMP! is first of all… about having FUN!

  • What do you do? – In your camp team you will create a skit/show to perform on Friday night for Mums & Dads ( and grandparents!)
  • What else is included?: Theatre games, group activities,craft.
  • Monte is bringing his guitar again! for our around the camp fire  ‘SING SONG’ and Joke telling!
  • What is it all about ? Camp theme is finding the treasure within you!
  • What to wear?- Wear something colourful, fun & comfortable ( also something you can get paint on!)
  • Do I need a Costume?- Easy ideas for you to put  together at home (old clothes)
  • What craft do I do ? – You get to make your own set pieces ( super cool !)
  • What age do I need to be? – Each camp  member must be aged between  5 -6  years old.
  • Where is the camp? – The camp runs:  Tuesday to Friday 8.30am – 12.00 pm from Methodist Ladies College, 356 Stirling hwy, Claremont.
  • What to bring? – Please bring  morning tea/ water and extra snacks and a smile!
  • The Camp Presentation – Will take place on Friday 19th January  at 7.00pm – Come & see what fun they have had !
  • The week will include theatre fun games, techniques, working in  smaller groups to put together a camp skit and learning about how to belong!

. Tickets are SOLD for the final performance @ $10.00 each. 

We look forward to more fun and adventure!




Additional Information

Number of Children

Single, 2 Children, 3 Children


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